About Us

Ever since its inception, the Kerkuk Foundation has always strived to promote the Iraqi Turkmen cause to an international audience and raise awareness amongst the wider Turkic community.

The Kerkuk Foundation’s main objective is to shine a light on Turkmen culture, art, and political thought through scholarly work, and ensure they are passed down to the next generation.

In line with the current times, Our Foundation will continue to work an objective manner, respectful of human rights, and with the belief that all nations and people are free to prosper.

The Iraqi Turkmen have lived on those lands for over a thousand years and although we align ourselves with the goals and aspirations of all Turkish brothers and kin, the Iraqi Turkmen will also continue to integrate with all communities in Iraq in a civilized manner based on mutual understanding and reciprocity.

The Kerkuk Foundation is an organization welcomes support from all brothers, sisters and friends and is open to all opinions and viewpoints.

Statement from Kirkuk Foundation

Repeating what we have said to the President and members of the Iraqi Turkmen Assembly for years, we have expressed like everyone else that what lies in our hearts is a pluralist, democratic, national and unifying assembly that comes from the heart of the nation and represents the national will, and that we want to see this happen within the norms we put together in 2003.

Message From Our President

The Kirkuk Foundation was established in 1997 with the sole purpose of creating a constructive enviroment to further the advancement and betterment of the Iraqi Turkmens. The Foundation continuously works to become a beacon for our cause by creating activities and programs that are both sustainable and socially applicable.The Kirkuk Foundation rigorously upholds an inclusive approach, keeping an equal distance with all segments of society but nonetheless always siding with the truth. As such, the Kirkuk Foundation welcomes with open arms everyone who believes in the Iraqi Turkmen cause.With the regular publication of the KARDASHLIQ Magazine and a variety of scholarly publications in three languages, we welcome everyone in support of our cause and vow to stay on course, never straying away from our principles.

Welcome to everyone.

Ersat Hurmuzlu
President of the Kirkuk Foundation